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David Ward BSc (Hons) MRICS

Partner, Rural department


1. What attracted you to Fenn Wright?

I was previously employed by a national firm and became disillusioned with the lack of career progression.
In many ways, Fenn Wright is similar to the national firms which operate in my area of business, with one significant difference – talent is identified, nurtured and developed from an early stage and there are clear opportunities to progress through the structure.

2. How long have you been with Fenn Wright and why?

I joined Fenn Wright in 2003 as a qualified surveyor in the Rural department, initially in the Chelmsford office before moving to Colchester after six months.

After about 2 years I changed roles and took the opportunity to head up the commercial management department. Supported by the partners, I restructured the department and improved profitability.  This was an extremely challenging role but one which showed clear reward. 

Two years later I returned to the rural department to help restructure and develop this area of the business.  Promoted through Associate Partner and Salaried Partner I continued to develop my personal and professional skills and profile.

My professional work and the roles I have been tasked with have been challenging and rewarding. At the age of 39 I was invited to become one of the eight full partners of the firm, tasked with running the rural department and the wider business interests of the firm.

3. What are your responsibilities within your role?

My responsibilities vary significantly.  Within the department I manage the instructions and deal with more technically complex areas of work. I also identify and develop new instructions and income streams.  I am also responsible for managing the people around me and for developing and training the graduates within the department.

Outside of the department, I have responsibilities to the wider business, looking at the diverse range of services and work done at Fenn Wright and for identifying and developing new areas to expand our business.

4. What is a typical working day like?

Diverse, challenging and rarely mundane!  Everything from managing rural property on a day to day basis, providing specialist, and often complex, professional advice to selling large farms and estates.  

5. What makes working at Fenn Wright different?

The fact that an individual really can make a difference, both in terms of contributing to the day to day business and the fact that talent is identified early and nurtured.  There really are excellent opportunities to develop and be promoted through the firm.

6. Can you sum up your experience at Fenn Wright in one word?


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