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Are there any opportunities to benefit from government green energy initiatives on my farm?

The opportunities for larger scale wind farms are less prevalent in our area due to planning and operational restrictions. Solar does however offer real opportunities, whether from smaller scale roof mounted instillations to larger 35 – 60 acre solar farms. The technology is well established and is becoming increasingly accepted and efficient. Smaller scale operations, purchased, installed and operated by the landowner can produce returns guaranteed for up to 25 years, with annual returns of over 12%. These returns can be improved further when you factor in the saving from not having to purchase electricity at market rates.

At Fenn Wright we are experienced in advising clients on the cost and returns achievable on a scheme, guiding landowners through the complex and ever changing Tariff system. We can also advise on the planning process, the installation of the equipment and the contract to obtain the Feed In Tariff (FiT).

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