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How much is my farm worth?

Bare arable land values have increased, on average, 135% in the last 5 years and whilst the rate of growth may be slowing we have not reached the plateau. Average arable land values in the region now stand at £7,600 per acre. But, this is only the average, with a range of £6,500 to over £10,000 per acre seen in the market. Location is the principal factor, driven by the apatite of neighbouring farmers who account for over 70% of the buyer profile. When we factor in the value attributable to buildings, farmhouse, cottage(s), commercial properties, development potential, minerals and water, amongst others, the assessment of value becomes ever more complex.

Knowledge of the market is key. At Fenn Wright we have the necessary skills and experience to answer the question, whether you are thinking of selling or require a formal valuation our professionals can assist.

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