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Planning is an increasingly complex area which requires specialist advice and assistance.

The submission of a Planning Application will have to be accompanied by detailed plans, supporting statements and expert evidence. The design and layout of a scheme needs to maintain a balance between the often conflicting requirements of planning policy and economic viability.
For this reason, Fenn Wright prefer to select and lead a team of experts best suited to your development project.

As project managers, we advise and assist you with:

  • Site appraisal to ensure your scheme is realistic and viable in planning terms 
  • Interpretation of planning policies and advice on best routes to follow to obtain consent 
  • Compilation of Employment Demand Report if appropriate 
  • Design and layout of the development 
  • Choice of unit size and mix of uses that maximises the sales value 
  • Promotion of schemes to the public and other stakeholders 
  • Notification of other relevant required consents eg. Listed Building Consent 
  • Negotiation with planning authority regarding Community Infrastructure Levy (Section106 agreements) 
  • Monitoring and reporting the progress of application


If your application is refused, we will advise on the likelihood of success at appeal and how your application could be varied to improve the chances of success. This may be by way of a written submission to the Planning Inspector, or through a presentation to a hearing or public enquiry. We will liaise with the Council and the project team, and research relevant policies and appeal decisions to support your case.

For further information please contact Roger Hayward.

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