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Local Plans and LDFs

The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 introduced the concept of Local Development Frameworks which will eventually replace Local Plans.

The Framework document not only sets out how local authorities will meet their housing and job creation needs but also provides a comprehensive set of planning policies and development management rules and procedures for different forms of development. Each of the various Development plan documents is the subject of a series of public consultations leading to a planning enquiry and eventual adoption of the Local Development Framework.

Take action

Now is the time for landowners, developers and property owners to take action to protect their planning interests, and this is where Fenn Wright’s Planning team can help and advise you.

On your behalf, we can:

  • Monitor national planning policy and its likely impact on Local Development Frameworks e.g. The national planning policy framework 
  • Monitor the emerging Framework document in your area and advise on the strategic implications for local landowners and suggest potential opportunities 
  • Submit representations in response to draft Development plan documents 
  • Give evidence at Local Plan enquiries supported by local and regional market evidence   
Once Local Development Frameworks are in place and adopted, we can monitor annual and five year housing supply figures assessing the potential to bring forward additional windfall or brownfield sites to meet housing need.

We act for both private and institutional landowners and are working directly with those landowners or indirectly through strategic developers to promote a number of development opportunities, both small and large in the region.

Find out more

For further information please contact Roger Hayward to discuss your specific project.

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