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Fenn Wright Signature is a service dedicated to the sale of premium property in north and south Essex and Suffolk. See all Signature homes for sale.

What defines a Signature property?

In general, properties that are appropriate for our Signature offer will be valued around £500,000 or more. Some will be priced lower if they have architectural or aesthetic qualities that will appeal to the premium property market. The range of Signature properties we have for sale may include imposing Victorian townhouses in Ipswich, Chelmsford or Colchester, as well as traditional country properties with perhaps an acre or more of land in the Dedham Vale and villages throughout Suffolk and Essex. Contemporary and coastal homes also have a specialist following that makes them ideal for Signature marketing. And because Fenn Wright has a rural property team highly qualified in agribusiness and farms and land, we are uniquely equipped to handle specialist equestrian properties too.

Why does premium property need a different approach?

Premium properties attract buyers from a wider geographical area than normal housing stock. For this market there is a select and very discerning number of buyers looking at any one time. Our Signature team will get to know these people and understand what they’re looking for in detail so they can match the right buyer to the right property.

Signature marketing is different

Beautiful by design

All properties marketed by the Signature team are presented on elegant Signature branded materials that employ an airy, uncluttered design that is in keeping with the premium target market and allows the beauty of the property to shine.

  • The property brochures are professionally designed and printed with stunning photography and include elevated exterior images to really show off a property’s stature and grounds where appropriate, and floor plans to help buyers familiarise themselves with the layout
  • When we advertise Signature property in carefully chosen magazines or national and regional newspapers, we design the page to include just a small selection of other properties so the content is complementary and easy on the eye of the target reader.

Active online marketing

We use online marketing effectively and we actively measure response levels so we can use the data to inform any tweaks to the marketing campaign.

  • We know for instance, that properties presented online in the Signature brand appeal more to browsers, and generate more click throughs, than the same property presented in the standard format
  • The two key online portals we use are Rightmove and OnTheMarket 
  • Our own website also features banner adverts for selected Signature properties and supports our discreet marketing service by encouraging buyers to register for early bird alerts

Discreet marketing

A significant number of our clients opt for our discreet marketing service, allowing them to see what response their property receives through our ‘matchmaking’ service, before we release the full marketing campaign. In essence, we make personal contact with potential buyers who have registered with us and we know well, to offer them the chance to preview the property before it is live on the major web portals or advertised in the papers. In some circumstances we may agree a sale with a motivated buyer in that first week or so, without the property ever being fully released, and we always get valuable feedback that informs the next stage of the marketing campaign.

The London market

Our associated London office in Park Lane, Mayfair is a key part of the Signature offer.

In this region, the significance of having the capital so close is that we can promote many of the areas we represent to the commuter market before we move towards matching buyers to a particular property. Some of our happiest purchasers started looking closer to London before we encouraged them to consider the value for money and quality of life that might be discovered a few more stops down the line from Liverpool Street.

The Signature service

Whilst our Signature service is different from our standard service, it would be inaccurate to describe it as better, as we strive to give all our clients the most professional advice and efficient care, irrespective of the value of their home. However, because the sale of premium properties is a specialist area of estate agency we do draw on different expertise and different team members to deliver our Signature offer.

Our Signature teams in Suffolk and north and south Essex are handpicked to deliver this special service and will provide support, advice, and regular contact throughout the relationship, from valuation to completion and through all the ups and downs in between. When we negotiate a sale on our client’s behalf we research the details thoroughly and communicate information clearly, to facilitate a smooth transaction. If there are stressful moments along the way we are pro-active with help and guidance. Most significantly, the Signature team don’t just report progress (or lack of it), they do what they can to make things happen so that the sale moves to exchange of contracts in a timeframe that meets clients’ expectations.

There is so much more we can tell you about the choice of Signature marketing packages available, our documented levels of client satisfaction and of course our competitive fee structure. So, if you’re thinking of selling your premium property, why not ask us what we think it may be worth and how we would market it to best effect.

Simply complete this online form to request a valuation and marketing consultation or contact a member of our Signature team to have an informal chat over the ‘phone.

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