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Charlie Gurnett

Trainee Sales Negotiator

Departments: Residential Sales Tel: 01245 292100 Email: charlie.gurnett@fennwright.co.uk

Charlie attended school in Chelmsford and lived in the area for several years, which has in turn given him a refined knowledge of the local area and the villages surrounding. Charlie is passionate about travelling the world and experiencing other cultures first hand, an example of this is when Charlie travelled to Borneo to aid the local community including replanting the fallen trees in the jungle, building a house for an elderly lady and a primary school where he taught English and Maths. In his free time Charlie likes to socialise with friends and practices his Spanish with his family. Charlie has worked for over 3 years in customer service-based jobs and has honed his skills into providing the best service possible to achieve the best possible outcome, he plans to do the same with Fenn Wright, where he started his career in April 2022.