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Selling and letting rural property

We constantly adapt and evolve our services to meet the changing needs of clients who live, or would like to live, in a country property that derives an income. Whether you are a private individual or company, institution or charity, we will work to maximise the value of your holding, either through sympathetic but innovative management, or by achieving the best possible sale price for your property.

A changing market

The rural property market has changed significantly over the last 6 years, with unprecedented demand for farmland increasing values from an average of £2,750 per acre to over £7,000 per acre. This seemingly relentless growth has been driven by strong demand and constricted supply.

These averages mask considerable variations in the real market, where values can vary from £6,000 to over £10,000 per acre. Such variances are not only indicative of regional differences, but also of differences between one parish and the next. Our knowledge and experience of where the buyers are, and what they want, puts us in the perfect position to obtain the best possible price and ensure a successful sale.

Complexities of land ownership

We appreciate that land ownership may span generations and that the decision to sell may be difficult to make. Our involvement often starts well ahead of any marketing, providing the client with all the relevant advice to help the decision making process.

We also understand rural property and the complexities of a disposal. Prior to marketing, we can advise on the technical issues relevant to the property and the client. From taxation, employment law, single farm payments and agri-environmental schemes to tenancy/occupational issues, we can guide you through the complex areas relevant to you.

Ask us for a 'no obligation' market appraisal of property you are thinking of selling. We'll be pleased to discuss your specific situation with you.

Acquiring rural property

In acting for buyers, we provide measured advice to ensure a property can be successfully secured at the right price. We can often identify opportunities that may not be on the open market and can advise you on the return on your investment, future farming structure, and strategic management of your asset.

Tell us about the type of property you are looking for and we'll get in touch when we have something suitable. You can register your search requirements online or call us.

Land management

Rural land and property assets cover a diverse range of property types, each with their own unique issues and opportunities. Effective and efficient management of these assets requires a balanced approach to meet client objectives and maintain the profitability and viability of the asset.

A balanced approach

We appreciate that every client has their own objectives and core values, whether they are corporate, institutional or private landowners. We place high importance on building and maintaining lasting links with clients, and combine respect for traditional values with a creative and innovative approach to finding solutions to the issues facing the industry.

We understand rural property and have the skills and knowledge to direct and inform clients on key decisions and day-to-day management. We keep abreast of new legislation, identifying new and emerging opportunities and analyse market movements to ensure that your asset performs at the optimum. We also draw on the wealth of knowledge and experience from our commercial, residential and survey divisions to provide symbiotic management solutions, whatever the challenge.

Our management is tailored to each client’s specific requirements to provide a bespoke service, from an all-inclusive management package to an estate appraisal/health check.

Meet the Farms and Estates team and find out more about the full range of professional advice services we can offer to rural property owners and occupiers.