Landlord and tenant services

Fenn Wright can help landlords or tenants get more value from their lease agreements by negotiating optimum terms.

Our lease advisory service includes:

  • advising on lease breaks and restructuring
  • lease renewals and rent reviews
  • submissions to arbitrators and independent experts
  • dilapidations negotiations.

Lease breaks and restructuring

Maybe you wish to undertake a reappraisal of your leasehold liabilities or are looking to minimise voids whilst maximising investment returns? We can make the most of contract opportunities by providing sound strategic advice, based on a thorough financial appraisal of options, and negotiate new lease terms.

Rent review negotiations

Our agency activities within the local commercial property market, and access to databases of comparable evidence, together with our professional negotiating skills mean we are well placed to ensure the right rent is agreed.

Arbitration and independent expert surveyor submissions

Most rent reviews can be settled by negotiation but occasionally the matter will need to be referred to either an Arbitrator or Independent Expert surveyor for determination. Our lease advisory team is fully conversant with the provisions of the Arbitration Act 1996 and understand the necessity to present properly researched and admissible evidence in order to ensure a successful outcome.

Lease renewals

The end of a lease offers the landlord and tenant the opportunity to reassess terms and make changes. We are conversant with the statutory framework set out in the 1954 Landlord and Tenant Act and our team is experienced in managing this technical process. We can give expert advice on all lease terms to ensure that they are appropriately aligned to your objectives.


Dilapidations is a very complex subject where the cost of building repairs and reinstatement overlap with valuation issues and legislation. A successful outcome often requires a multi-disciplinary approach involving legal expertise and building surveying expertise. Our team has both.

Please get in touch using this web form or call your local commercial team in Ipswich, Colchester or Chelmsford. We will be happy to outline how we may be able to help with your specific situation and provide a competitive fee quote.