Modern ways of surveying commercial property

04 May 23

In recent years, the use of drones has increased significantly to assist with the inspection of buildings.  This allows surveyors to diagnose and analyse building defects more effectively and ensure commercial assets are well maintained.

When planning any refurbishment works, recording a Schedule of Condition, undertaking a Dilapidations Schedule or when reviewing the condition of a property, the cost of accessing high level areas meant they were often omitted from inspections.  By gaining access at an early stage, with either a drone or camera pole, defects can accurately be recorded to ensure large items of disrepair and cost are not missed from a schedule.

Without the need for scaffolding or powered access, which are expensive, and with reduced time required on site to complete the condition survey, we can provide our clients with a cost-effective solution that eliminates the risk of working at height associated with traditional means of survey access.

When leasing a commercial premises, it is often advisable to negotiate the inclusion of a Schedule of Condition as part of the lease.  This records the condition of a property at the time of securing the lease and can limit repairing liability for a tenant when the lease comes to an end, as well as providing the landlord with a record of the property’s condition from the outset.  Where a Schedule of Condition has been appended, this can greatly assist with reducing or increasing a dilapidations claim.

It is an all-too-common practice that a Schedule of Condition on a commercial property does not record the condition of high-level elements, such as cut edge corrosion to metal roof sheets, delamination of the roof covering, damaged tiles or slates, and leaking gutters.  With the use of a drone or camera pole, access issues are now easily avoided, ensuring that the data is accurately collected to offer a tenant the limitation of repair, or the inclusion of disrepair for a landlord at lease end dilapidations.

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