Our experienced team of Chartered Surveyors undertake property valuation reports for a multitude of purposes so if you are looking to purchase a property, arrange a mortgage or for tax purposes, please get in touch.

Mortgage valuation

We offer valuation reports for secured lending purposes where the lender is happy for you to appoint your own Surveyor.  We also work directly with many lenders and bridging loan companies.

Insurance reinstatement cost

We can undertake an insurance reinstatement valuation if required by your building insurer.

Probate and Inheritance Tax (IHT)

We can undertake valuations for Inheritance Tax purposes on behalf of the Executors of an Estate.

Capital gains tax (CGT)

We can undertake valuations for the purpose of assessing Capital Gains Tax on a property you are selling or transferring.

Expert witness

We can undertake Expert Witness reports for court hearings and attendance in relation to valuation, divorce or retrospective valuation disputes.  We can provide single or joint valuations on properties in matrimonial or divorce proceedings, either outside of legal dispute or under court orders.

To discuss your specific requirements with our team Chartered Surveyors please call 01206 245895 or fill in our online form to receive a quote.