Site viability and value

We provide clear appraisals and valuations of sites based on extensive local knowledge and research, and can value on the basis of existing use and assumed planning permissions. If you need to raise finance, our reports are accepted by the majority of the major clearing banks panels in the locality, as a basis for any loan application.

Every site is different.

Whether due to access, a previous use, planning constraints or layout, not all sites have the same development potential. Establishing the viability and value of a site is a difficult task, given changing markets and building regulations, not to mention rising costs of materials and labour. Covering all the options is imperative to ensure our clients get the best return from the site they own.

We advise on single plots, strategical land, building conversions, regeneration schemes and major commercial and residential developments. We also provide new homes appraisals and market valuations.

Our valuations are suitable for

  • Site appraisals, alternative use opinions, and viability studies
  • Site and completed development valuations
  • Bank valuations for site acquisition and development loan advances
  • Probate and asset valuations of properties with development potential

Independent land use assessments

You may have a piece of land that you feel could be put to better use. It might be farmland on the edge of a town or village, or an urban site being used as a skateboard park. Using our knowledge of the market and experience, we can determine the best use or combination of uses for the land and likely sale value.

We will assess the location, likely market interest and any constraints and opportunities that apply to that site. For example, you might think a plot of land is ideal for housing, but if the land is in the flood plain or the road access owned by others, there will be complex and possibly costly issues to be resolved.

Many projects need to be assessed to determine the level of impact on the environment. Large developments frequently need to produce an environmental impact statement, which assesses noise and air quality, local ecology and the likely effect on the landscape. Even relatively small planning applications concerned with the conversion of barns or farm buildings will need to be accompanied by bat and barn owl surveys. Other protected species that may be present on the site, such as Great Crested Newts, could affect the timing and duration of the construction works. Ground contamination is another potential environmental hazard likely to affect planning decisions and impact on building costs.

Fenn Wright’s Development team will be pleased to undertake independent land use assessments and ensure that time and money is not wasted pursuing development proposals that either are not viable or do not give rise the highest end value.

To discuss your specific project please get in touch with our Development team below: