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Lee Valley Regional Park – Angling Portfolio, Lee Valley, Hertfordshire, EN2

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A rare opportunity to acquire an angling licence for an established portfolio of eight separate angling venues located with the Lee Valley Regional Park.

The Lee Valley Park
The Lee Valley Regional Park Authority is responsible for the 26 mile long, 10,000 acre park with its huge variety of award winning green spaces, world class sports venues and ecologically vital wildlife havens. The park was originally created by a unique Act of Parliament in 1966, as a "green lung" for London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

Over the last half century Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA) has, with partners, transformed rubbish dumps, gravel pits, scrap yards and industrial sites into glorious award winning open spaces and world class sports venues that now attract more than eight million visits a year.

In addition to angling, the park has three London 2012 legacy venues, other hugely popular centres for sport and leisure venues, heritage sites, marinas, gardens, riverside trails, relaxing green spaces, campsites, nature reserves and internationally important wildlife habitats.

Angling Portfolio
The LVRPA's Fisheries are truly regional as a natural development of its eutrophic gravel pits, post aggregate extraction. These fisheries have carved a niche in a flourishing and currently most popular section of modern angling. 

This, coupled with the unique pioneering partnerships with the country's major conservation bodies has pushed the Authority's Fisheries to the forefront of sustainable, environmentally compatible, responsible specimen angling.

Every fishery throughout the park embraces shared use with at least one and in most areas several other, interest groups it is an area highly regarded for bird watching, conservation, sailing and general public recreation having recorded 2.2 million visitors during 2019.

The current portfolio of angling venues includes 27 gravel pits and 17 stretches of River/Flood Channel that facilitate coarse angling comprising of 24 different venues 12 of which are licensed to Angling Clubs, Societies and Consortia.

After carrying out a review of the eight angling sites, the LVRPA decided that anglers will have more opportunities if these join the other 13 angling venues which are run by licensees, angling clubs, societies and consortia.

The LVRPA are therefore offering a unique opportunity of the licencing of the fishing rights on a 3 year agreement. The portfolio comprises 12 former gravel pits and two stretches of river.

Tenure and Occupation
The LVRPA are offering a three year angling licence for the portfolio of venues as individual lots or as a whole portfolio. The 2020/21 season has been extended to 25th July 21. The start date for the new licensee(s) will be as soon as practically possible thereafter.

Permitted Use
The existing venues are operated on a membership basis. This use has helped ensure security within the sites, including access and car parking within the LVRPA venues. Therefore a membership/syndicate fishery will be the permitted use. Alternative arrangements could be considered, but would require a detailed management proposal including each venue's access and security.

Access and Car Parking
The level of vehicular access and secured car parking varies between the venues. See individual venue plans for access details.

There are a number of angler's car parks, which are currently operated via padlock (with key) in addition to public and pay and display car parks, some of which have specific operating times.

Prospective Licensees should ensure they are familiar with the access arrangements and physical characteristic of each venue before submitting a proposal. All proposals should cover access and car parking arrangements, together with gate and locking systems. Proposals based on combination padlocks can be considered.

Public Access
All parties should be aware there is public access throughout all areas of the Lee Valley Park, including the angling venues. Therefore it will not be possible to fence or exclude other park users in any way. This includes otter proof fencing. There a number of sailing clubs who share the venues, details on the venue particulars.

Fish Stock & Restocking
All fish stock within the venues will remain the property of the LVRPA, including any stock introduced under the licence agreement. Restocking requests will be considered on a case by case basis and will be subject to consultation with the Environment Agency and Natural England, where appropriate.

Environmental Designations
The following venues; Ashley, the North Met Pit and Bowyers Water are situated within or directly adjacent to the Cheshunt and Turnford Pits SSSI, SPA Ramsar site.

A summary of the SSSI/SPA are available in the document information pack. Prospective parties should be aware that for affected venues, any works above 'basic bank clearence' will require consultation with Natural England, together with LVRPA. This will also apply (where applicable) to the addition of swims and any future stocking.

Environment Agency have the following roles within the site;

SAFFA (Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act): whereby all fish related legislation in regard to applications, permissions and consents are specifically managed by Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, Fisheries Department without exception.

Flood System: all works over and above basic bank clearance including repairs to existing swims on the Riverine sections: Lee Flood Relief Channel and Cornmill Stream, also any adjacent banks and areas of the individual gravel pits require prior submission of detailed plans, methodology and risk assessments.

National Grid: neither existing or new swims can be restored or built when situated near or adjacent to any power cables or pylons without prior submission of detailed plans, methodology and risk assessments.

* SSSI - Site of Special Scientific Interest SPA - Special Protection Area Ramsar - sites are wetlands of international importance

Licensees will be responsible for managing the fishing, to include all bailiffing, memberships, waiting lists, and enquiries. Licensees will be responsible for the management of the fisheries in so far as they are permitted. Permitted maintenance and stocking detailed are outlined separately. Current bailiff numbers are available in the information pack.

Membership & Waiting Lists
The existing membership details together with the waiting lists for each venue to be transferred upon completion of licence agreements (subject to agreement and compliance with data protection (GDPR)).

Renewals & Income
The existing season 2020/21 has been extended to 25th July 2021. Renewals will take place as usual for 2021/2022 season, commencing in June. The existing membership, together with income received for the 2021/22 season will be transferred to a new licensee(s) on a pro rata basis, upon commencement of the Licence. (2020/2021 income per venue published on venue guide).

There are a number of bailiffs who help patrol the fisheries. The number of bailiffs for each venue is detailed on the Angling Venue particulars. Individual bailiff's contact details to be transferred upon completion of licence agreements (subject to agreement and compliance with data protection (GDPR)).

The licensee(s) will be responsible for maintenance and clearance of the banks to include any litter. Any and all works over and above basic bank clearance will be subject to LVRPA consent. Upgrade or replacement of fishing swims, platforms, fences, gates or signs will be subject to LVRPA approval.

All parties should note any increase in the number of swims will be subject to LVRPA approval and Natural England, if applicable. Maintenance of the wider park is via third party contractors who undertake strimming, grass cutting and litter picking along the paths and undertake tree/vegetation clearance. This will continue.

Rules and Bye Laws
All licensees and their members will comply with the Lee Valley Bye Laws. The existing fishery rules are available on the LVRPA website.

Total Fishing Rights
Lakes 146.092 hectares (361 acres)
River (inc Relief Channel) 2.6km

RAMSAR - Open Water 44.31 hectares (109.5 acres)
Adjacent to RAMSAR - LFRC 2.6km

The Licensee will each year provide the LVRPA with a copy of the following: twelve months' public liability insurance cover certificate. Licensees shall maintain third party public liability insurance cover for a sum not less than five million pounds (£5,000,000) in any one claim (or such greater sum as the Authority may require from time to time).

Information Pack
An information pack to include a draft Licence agreement, site plans, Lee Valley Bye Laws and fishery rules is available from the agent.

A copy of the draft licence agreement is available from the agent. The existing wording will form the basis of the agreement, subject to any minor amendments.

All interested parties looking to submit a proposal must do so by close of business on Friday 6th August 2021. This should include a detailed management plan covering:

1). Proposed venue(s) or whole portfolio including licence fee.
2). Intended use
3). Proposed operation and management (inc. access and security)
4). Any relevant previous experience.

All proposals to be sent to

Legal costs
Each party to be responsible for their own legal costs.

Licence Fee
The proposed licence fee will vary between prospective parties depending on their structure, management plan (including angler numbers and pricing structure) and if the tender relates to individual venues or the whole portfolio. The LVRPA will consider a range of proposals but these must be supported by a thorough and detailed management plan.

The Licence fee will be subject to VAT.

The Lee Valley Park allows open access for interested parties to view the venues, with a copy of the sales particulars. Please note, access to car parking varies between the venues. See the venue plans which shows the public and pay and display car parks.

Any areas, measurements or distances referred to as approximate are given as a guide and are not precise. If such details are fundamental to a licencee, they must rely on their own enquiries.


  • Established portfolio of eight separate angling venues located with the Lee Valley Regional Park
  • 8 Angling Venues comprising 11 lakes and two stretches of river
  • 3 year Angling Licence
  • Licensees sought for the whole or individual venues
  • Less than 3 miles from junction 25 & 26 of the M25
  • In 2021 Fenn Wright were instructed to market an angling licence on behalf of the Lee Valley Park Authority. The portfolio comprised 8 Angling Venues including 20 lakes and two stretches of river covering a total of 361 acres of gravel pits and 2.6km of fishing rights. The waters attracted significant interest with the successful applicant taking over the management of the portfolio.


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