Landlord services 

How to find tenants, collect rent, comply with legalities and manage properties and paperwork.

Have you considered how you will comply with the legal and financial responsibilities of being a landlord? Because managing rental properties and the associated relationships with tenants is complicated, we have developed a flexible menu of service options for landlords. 

To help landlords decide which approach to property and tenant management may be right for them, we ask them to consider the following questions

  • are rent guarantees and insurances important to you?
  • do you understand the implications of the laws that affect tenants and landlords?
  • how do you want your relationship with a tenant to work?
  • will you organise the maintenance of your property yourself?
  • do you have the time, skills and contacts to swiftly deal with any  problems that may arise?

Over time have found that different landlords have different answers to these questions so we now offer different levels of property management. This makes it easy to find a service level that is just right.

You can pick a property management service to suit you.

In our experience there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to property management that works for every landlord so we have devised a flexible menu of service options for our landlords. The different levels of service are :

  • Let only
  • Rent collected and guaranteed.
  • Managed
  • Managed and guaranteed

This comparison table explains what services are included within each level. If none of these seem right for, we would be pleased to discuss your specific needs and prepare a tailored solution if you need one.

For a free landlord information pack, a free rental assessment and a competitive fee quote for our property management or tenant find services, please get in touch.

If you would like to have a chat with us, please give your local branch a call to arrange a convenient time for you to pop in for a coffee. Or you can ask us to come you. We can offer advice on every aspect of property rental - from where to buy to maximise income and capital growth potential, through to finding a suitable tenant, and we will be pleased to hear from you.