Interior trends for autumn/winter

08 Oct 20

With so many of us having enforced time at home this year, it has given us the opportunity to appreciate our surroundings – and address those rooms or areas which are in need of a little updating.  Below we take a look at a few interior trends and ideas that are proving popular this autumn.

Indoor plants

Not that they ever went out of fashion, but it is becoming increasingly popular to show off your house plants, using them as the focal point of a room or as living accessories.  According to The Royal Horticultural Society, house plants have the ability to improve your mood, reduce stress levels and increase productivity.  There are certainly plenty to choose from, succulents are low-maintenance whilst plants with a splash of colour, pink foliage or large statement leaves are also rising in popularity.  For those who struggle with keeping plants alive, artificial plants have really come a long way and will look good all year round.


Touted as ‘the’ colour for 2021, get ahead of the game and embrace emerald, olive or sage green hues in your home.  If you are not brave enough to paint an entire room then there are plenty of accessories of all shapes and sizes to choose from.  Teamed with pale pink, grey or other neutral tones, green can really pop and there are plenty of sofas, cushions and decorative items available in a range of fabrics, materials and textures.  It is often suggested that green is a calming and soothing colour and that is certainly true of darker shades of green.  Lime and bright greens symbolise vibrancy and energy and sit well alongside darker colours to really make an impact.

Graham & Green have a great range of homewares, this sumptuous green sofa is from their Doze collection. 

Art Deco

An elegant style which blends seamlessly with old and new and remains a timeless classic.  The Art Deco movement originated in France in the 1920’s but it was Europe and the United States who really embraced the ornate style during the 1930’s.  Post-war the style was sleek and represented modernism, moving on from the past into a new era and celebrating design.  Distinguishing features include geometric patterns and sleek lines, historically they would have been made from expensive materials and not mass-produced.  Now however, it is much easier to find Art Deco items at affordable prices and there are some stunning pieces around that will stand the test of time.

The Zenith oval brass two tier coffee table from Maisons du Monde has beautiful blue and green tones.

Natural materials

Wood, glass, stone and metal outshine other materials and are more sustainable as people look to move away from plastic and towards more environmentally friendly items.  There are plenty of ways to incorporate these into the home, wooden and stone flooring look great and are easy to keep clean whilst wood panelling is even making an appearance in some modern homes.  Copper and rose gold are still a popular choice and add warmth to a room, most recently they have been used as an accent colour in kitchens and dining rooms but there are some great living room and bedroom accessories available now which will see this trend sticking around.


Nothing says coastal more than driftwood furniture, rattan and woven materials.  Coastal inspired furniture and accessories are having a moment, so even if you don’t hear the sounds of the sea, you can master the look with ocean-themed accessories or marine stripes.  It is quite a rustic look and if you feel like it may be too ‘themed’ you can take elements of the style and use accessories.  Navy and white are a classic pairing and give a nod to the trend whilst remaining a chic design choice.  Pantone’s colour of the year for 2020 is Classic Blue.

Tikamoon’s Adele rattan headboard looks stunning paired with a rattan side table and a neutral colour palette.

Coloured kitchens

As well as natural wood, kitchen units in shades of black, white and grey are still proving to stand the test of time.  Monochromatic colour schemes offer a sleek and elegant design that complement a modern apartment or can be incorporated into a traditional kitchen for the perfect family home.  Midnight blue and forest green are gaining in popularity with searches for ‘dark kitchens’ on the rise.  Plum, purple and wine colours are also making an appearance, with some opting for a bold island unit or accessories rather than taking the plunge with coloured cabinetry.

The shaker-style Fairford kitchen from Howdens is a rich navy tone with wood grain effect and is available in 13 colours

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