Six of the best… interior design trends for 2020

10 Mar 20

If there’s one theme running through all aspects of interior design this year, it’s the environment.  From colour palettes inspired by sea and sky, flora and fauna, to natural textiles and animal prints, inspiration drawn from the natural world is everywhere.

We’ve been taking a look at the upcoming interior design trends for the year and here’s our pick of the best.


Eco concerns are very much at the fore and design motifs from the natural world are set to be key influences in the coming year. Whether it’s the blue and green hues of paint colours and fabrics or floral and sea-inspired patterns, the environment is leading the way when it comes to interiors.

But it’s not just in colour palettes and pattern this influence is being seen. As the move against synthetic and disposable materials continues, design trends are shifting towards natural textures and materials as well as those which are ethically sourced and sustainable. Furnishings and accessories made from sisal, jute, rattan and cane feature strongly, as do vintage and repurposed pieces, reusing and recycling where possible.

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Ocean, earth and sky

If soft grey walls have been the go-to colour in previous years, 2020’s defining colours will be blue and pale green. Dulux’s colour of the year is Tranquil Dawn, a warm, muted green offering a subdued backdrop to a soft colour palette for interior furnishings, or a neutral counterpoint to a more dramatic colour scheme.

Pantone recently announced their colour of the year for 2020: classic blue. Uplifting, elegant and inspiring calm and tranquillity, this is the colour of the sky at dusk. Use it boldly on walls with tints of it on fabrics and furnishings for a modern twist on the monochromatic look.Which brings us to our next trend…

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Statement sofas

Sofas in dark grey, brown, neutral shades and leather are set to be replaced with velvet sofas in vibrant jewel tones and mustard or gentler shades of silvery blues and dusky pinks. The trend is still very much for solid colours, but patterned fabrics are also making a comeback: think modern florals, geometrics, and Japonerie-style prints.

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If hygge has been one of the biggest design buzzwords in recent years, get set to hear a lot more about Japandi: the fusion of Scandi-minimalism with the clean, calm harmony of Japanese style. Although thousands of miles apart, aesthetically they have a lot in common – simplicity of colour and line and a focus on craft and skill whilst embracing imperfections. Think furnishings and accessories with pared down, geometrical silhouettes in an oasis of neutral tones of the softest grey, blue and pink.

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Creating spaces in which to retreat from the outside world, relax and rejuvenate, surrounded by soothing colours and textures is a key look. But whereas palettes may previously have been tones of cream, white and grey, new, modern minimalist colour schemes feature natural shades of pale blue, soft green and pink used as a backdrop to more vibrant colours and pattern. Layering textures in tactile fabrics with cushions and throws instantly updates any space and makes it feel warm and inviting.

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Dark kitchens

Originating in Shaker homes and in keeping with the ever-popular Scandi-style and Pantone’s colour of the year, kitchens in classic navy blue are very much on-trend. Use it boldly as your keynote colour on cabinets and feature walls or more sparingly in window dressings and kitchen accessories. And following the sustainability trend at the heart of this year’s design influences, it’s even possible to buy complete used kitchens: The Used Kitchen Company sells a wide variety of makes, from Magnet to Smallbone, and they stock cabinets and fittings to suit all budgets.

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