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Can I get vacant possession of land occupied by an agricultural tenant?

The occupation of land by an agricultural tenant is governed by two main Acts and the ability of a landlord to recover vacant possession will depend on which Act governs the tenants occupation. Any tenancy which commenced before 1st September 1995 is likely to be an old style tenancy where the Tenant benefits from security of tenure for life, and possible up to two generations via succession rights. Landlords have limited grounds on which to recover possession and the process of removing a tenant is fraught with technical and procedural challenges. Post 1st September 1995 tenancies offered the tenant only limited security, but again the process of recovering possession is governed by formal procedures which are both time limited and complex.

At Fenn Wright we are experienced in advising and managing all forms of agricultural letting, and the implications for both landlords and tenants. We can advise on your rights and the processes appropriate to the circumstances to ensure your position is protected and due procedures followed.

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